Why Cloth Diapers?

1. Cloth Diapers are MUCH MORE Economical
      a. Cost of disposable diapers: Total for 3 years $2000-$3000
      b. Cost of cloth diapers: On average, most people spend $400-$600. 
      PLUS cloth diapers can be reused for future children or sold for as much as 50% of what you paid!
      c. You can also use cloth wipes for additional savings! Just throw them in your diaper laundry and you’ll have no extra garbage!

2. Cloth Diapers are Cute
      a. If you are still thinking pins & plastic pants, you haven't met today's modern cloth diapers! They are trim and come in an array of colours & cute prints!

3. Cloth Diapers are Functional and Convenient
      a. They’re simple to use, Easy to wash, fewer blowouts, little or no diaper rash, less smelly, no last minute trips to the store to buy diapers, etc.!

4. Cloth Diapers are Better for Baby
      a. When you use cloth diapers, you know exactly what is touching your baby's delicate skin. No harsh chemicals, absorbent gels, or baby powder scents (did I mention far less diaper rash?)!
      b. Chemicals used in disposable diapers:
               i. Sodium Polyacrylate – Removed from tampons because it caused toxic shock syndrome, but still remains in disposable diapers for absorbency!
              ii. Dioxin – The bleaching agent used for wood pulp. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that with too much exposure it may cause a number of adverse health effects including cancer. Babies are in diapers 24/7!
             iii. Tributyl Tin – An environmental pollutant. Causes hormonal issues in humans and animals.

5. Cloth Diapers are Better for the Environment
      a. The average child uses up to 5000 diapers in the first 3 years of their life. Disposable diapers take 250-500 YEARS to decompose!

6. Potty Train Earlier
      a. Babies that use cloth diapers tend to potty train earlier