What We're All About

Posted by Cindy Jarvis on 6/19/2015
What We're All About
There’s been a bit of confusion lately regarding our store – and rightfully so! You see, A Tall Giraffe is primarily an online store! We don’t actually have a retail outlet with regular store hours, though a product display is available to view by appointment. You have our deepest apology for not clarifying that before now.

As mentioned in our ‘About Us’ page on our website, we’re passionate about families and that means offering great products and advice to those in southeastern Manitoba and beyond! We feel that the best way to do this is to connect with parents via the web. The online store is also a really quick way for you to view our product selection, see what’s in stock, and to make a quick purchase to be shipped to you or picked up at a suitable time. We do our best to keep our current stock up to date for your convenience. 

That being said I (Cindy) love to have Moms stop in, whether to pick up an order placed online, to view products in the store, or to purchase products in person. I also offer free consultations for those who are switching from disposables to cloth diapers or who are starting cloth with their first baby! 

Who knows, we might even strike up a conversation! What mom doesn’t need a little encouraging interaction once in a while!

And so… if you’d like to drop by, please do! But before you stop in just call, email, or facebook message me (on the A Tall Giraffe Facebook page) beforehand so we can set up a time that works great for both of us!

Here’s an overview of your options:

1. Place an order online at www.atallgiraffe.com – Check out the shipping and pick-up options here. This is quick and simple.
2. If you prefer: Call, email, or Facebook message me to set up a time to stop in! This is the link for our contact info. Located in Steinbach, MB.

Many thanks to all of you.

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