May Long Weekend Blues?

Posted by Cindy Jarvis on 5/14/2015
May Long Weekend Blues?

Here, in Friendly Manitoba, the weather is notoriously rainy on May Long weekend. It’s hard to think of things to do as a family, especially when you’re stuck in the house!

I find that the best way to make memories is to do something you wouldn't normally do. Like taking your LOUD 2-year-old who loves reading to the library! Or risking a long drive with your baby and toddler. Although everyday life as a family is very important, life-long memories typically come when you lighten up and do something new.

Here are a few suggestions to help maintain the sanity in your home (if it’s rainy where you are) and build family memories whatever the weather!!

    1. Turn off the TV. Looking back, I don’t recall many awesome family memories from sitting in front of the tube. Do yourself and your kids a favor!
    2. Go to the Library, read for a bit, and take home a few books. This is a great one to do with a baby!
    3. Set up a tent in the living room for a few nights (We did this once and our 2 year old fell asleep at 10pm and woke up at 6am. But… it was so fun!). Include popcorn, a movie, reading, and flashlights. Move your mattress into the tent and you’ll almost be guaranteed a good nights sleep.
    4. Go for a drive. What do you like to look at? Nice neighborhoods and houses? Parks? Cute little towns? Sunsets? The bush? Skyscrapers? The lake? HINT: Bring some snacks for the kids and you’ll likely get a little bit of quiet time out of the deal!
    5. Bake together (and eat it)! Make sure you plan for the baking process to take a while if you’re including your kids! Here’s a great muffin recipe.
    6. Take treats to neighbors or friends. You know what they say, “The best way to make a friend is to be a friend.” Plus you have the opportunity to teach your kids about making others feel important!
    7. Plant some flowers together. We’re doing this one next weekend! I’m taking my two kids to the greenhouse to buy some plants and using their Easter buckets as pots. 
    8. Make miniature boats and float them in the bathtub! Seems silly, but I know lots of kids who would love this! This website has some great ideas.
    9. Paint a picture, mural, or a room.
    10. Go swimming. Another great option if you have a baby! 
    11. Have a family dance party. If you’re really adventurous, invite some friends or try break-dancing! 

That’s all I've got for now. Time as a family is so important! Strong relationships are built when we enjoy time together. I encourage you to let loose a little, make the best of it, and remember that your relationship with your kids and spouse are far more important than the ups and downs of the day! I’d love to hear how your weekend goes! 

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